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David S. Libson,MD
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Obstetrics is the medical field relating to pregnancy and caring for women in connection with childbirth. It is also a very special time in the life of a woman and her family. I look forward to helping you bring your new baby into the world.

Obstetric Services Provided

bulletEducational Videos available in Office
bulletPre-Conceptional Counseling and Pregnancy Planning
bulletPrenatal Care

                Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring (Non Stress Test or NST)
                Birth Defect / Genetic Screening
                Pap Smears
                Lab Work (drawn in office for your convenience)
                STD Screening
                Group B Strep Screening

bulletHigh Risk Pregnancies

                Gestational Diabetes Screening and Treatment
                Advanced Maternal Age
                High Blood Pressure
                Multiple Gestations (Twins, Triplets)
                Prior Pregnancy Loss
                Ante-Partum In Patient Hospitalization
                Fetal Growth Problems
                Amniotic Fluid Problems

bulletDelivery Services at Odessa Regional Medical Center Hospital and Medical Center Hospital

                Vaginal Birth
                Cesarean Section
                Forceps Delivery
                Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section

bulletPost Partum Care

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